Media Consolidation

The one world order has the same propaganda plan as any other communist or fascist regime. In order to destroy God, they must make everyone feel as if everyone else is comfortable with ignoring God. There is a principle that in a free society the culture is dictated by the free thoughts of the people but under repression the culture is dictated by propaganda. When 90% of box office sales come from six firms you know the people are not speaking in the visual and performing arts! In this way, the elites can have heated discussions taking place in a small spectrum. The intention is to think that you’ve just participated in democracy but you’ve just decided between coke and pepsi. In the book, “The Naked Communist” you can see how it is necessary for communists to destroy the Catholic Church. That’s true in history too since 230,000 clergy and religious were killed under Joseph Stalin in the USSR, 6,000 clergy and religious were killed during each of the Spanish and French revolutions and in China the real Catholic Church is outlawed. In all four situations communists used propaganda to get everyone to follow. The fascists in Germany and Italy used propaganda and passed laws to end bible study so that all students would instead be in the Hitler Youth. The freemasons who went to war against Catholics in Mexico killed tens of thousands and their attempts were preceded by a massive propaganda campaign to make people think that the Catholic Church isn’t true. Likewise, the freemasons who ruled Portugal had a plan to eliminate the Church through propaganda and public education. But this is just the opinion of a few power hungry, arrogant leaders who want to create their own idea of a perfect world. In the hearts of many Americans they know God is real but they are so conflicted. Just like in the media, fashion is likewise geared towards making people take their faith lightly. Often, things that come from corporations were planned by these evil elites at the top. We know that black masses are celebrated at Harvard University and more billionaires came from that school than any other. Technically, Catholics have access to the top levels of corporations and political structures but unless people internalize the values of the organization they want advancement in they will not reach that level.

Look at the 45 goals communists have to destroy America that were presented by American political theorist Cleon Skousen in 1963 and see how much success they have had.

45 Goals

Media Consolidation 1

Media Consolidation 2

I used a locution from the Blessed Mother to Father Stefano Gobbi as the source material for the script of this video where She reveals that freemasons are the ones at the top levels of media control and they are deliberately intending to divert people from the grace of the Catholic Church’s sacraments.

A lot of people in entertainment are demon worshippers. The Illuminati is tied into freemasonry and many mainstream entertainers are in it.


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