Disability is not an Inability!

I’d like to introduce you to Gilbert Ndikumana aka Gigi - one of our Influencers who goes above and beyond in giving his time and commitment to AB.

Ten years ago, Gigi (pictured with his daughter), realized that Burundi was no longer safe and decided to travel to Norway where he applied for and was granted asylum. He worked several jobs in Rogaland over the years and is currently with Glide Logistics.

He’s relationship with AB started 5 years when he went back to Burundi on Vacation. He met a friend who was working with some of the most vulnerable children in Burundi; children with disabilities at the REMA center. Most of these children were invisible, excluded from school, hidden by their families and often, viewed and judged by what they lack rather than what they have or can do.

Gigi was immediately inspired to help. He teamed up with Evelyn and initiated Always Believe’s first project to support children with moderate or severe disabilities.

Together, they collected supplies and funding for REMA Center. On his subsequent trip, he spent the day visiting the children and listening to stories about their struggles, their grief and their dreams.

Gigi has been using his experience to connect us to aid projects in Burundi and is now focusing wholly on helping people affected by the recent civil unrest.

When asked what his favorite part about being an Influencer at Always Believe is, he answered with “The people. Everybody here has such a positive attitude and they are like family to me.” And for anyone who is thinking of volunteering here, he says to “try it. You’ll like it.” Together, we can make a difference. We are so grateful to have such a dedicated influencer like Gigi on our team.

If you would like to learn more about volunteering at AB, please contact us at

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